Valentine's Day at the Bubble Lounge

A premium, sophisticated champagne lounge in San Francisco is now transferring to Barbary Coast theme lounge and set to open in October 2015.

After 17 years, Bubble Lounge San Francisco is now transforming to a brand new venue with a totally new look and concept. We are excited to bring you BARBAROSSA LOUNGE! The next chapter for this amazing and historic location which is set to begin in October 2015.

Barbarossa’s location has a fantastic history. On the edge of the Barbary Coast, the building was originally a schooner called the Georgian. After the bay was land-filled, a building was erected at 714 Montgomery Street and used as a prison. From a prison it became a liquor-wholesaler which, alongside the many other wholesalers congregated here at the time of the Great Fire, was spared the devastation of the fire thanks to the US navy drawing a mile long hose from the Bay to keep the liquor so cherished by the sailors from burning. Then, for a long, long period, fondly remembered by so many San Franciscans as the place their grandfather brought them to their first restaurant, 714 Montgomery was an Italian restaurant called Doro’s. Finally, in 1997, The Bubble Lounge opened its San Francisco location.

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There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne

Bette Davis