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About the Bubble Lounge

About Us

The first Bubble Lounge opened in March of 1996 with a roaring success. While the concept was far from new, the Bubble Lounge burst with a new "twist".

Champagnes and Sparkling Wines have always had a reputation of being reserved for the elite or for that special occasion, but by demystifying the myth, The Bubble Lounge has succeeded in developing this theme concept into a venture highly appreciated by all of our guests.

The lists have been carefully chosen with expertise and strict control, to offer our customers with the finest quality and prices. It can be enjoyed anytime- perfect for an intimate celebration, a festive party, or with sushi and cheeses for a casual evening out with friends. This concept, along with dedicated efforts towards impeccable service and sumptuous comfort, The Bubble Lounge later traveled west in 1998 with the opening of the second venue in San Francisco.

Champagnes were no longer for the elite alone.


The Bubble Lounge specializes in champagnes and sparkling wines, serving over 300 varieties, a full bar, and fine hors d'oeuvres. Entirely built and operated by owners Eric Benn, Eric Macaire, and managing director Emmanuelle Chiche, The Bubble Lounge has become a favorite mecca for champagne and sparkling wine lovers.


Champagne and Sparkling Wines have always been highly appreciated, yet they were rarely consumed in bars or restaurants other than during Christmas and New Year's Eve events.

The Bubble Lounge has succeeded in providing an environment conducive to champagne and sparkling wine consumption- one that is not intimidating, one that is sensual, one that is friendly, one that is romantic.

The decor is loungey and colonial- High ceilings, comfortable red velvet sofas with oriental rugs and voluptuous draperies, floor to ceiling mahogany shelves that contain our champagne paraphernalia collection, old champagne illustrations on the walls in a space divided into champagne salons- Taittinger, Laurent-Perrier, etc.

The Bubble Lounge has a private room downstairs- the Krug Room- a champagne like wine cellar with arched and low ceilings. A full service bar, intimate seating and an exclusive VIP room are parts of the Krug Room's offerings.

At the Bubble Lounge, we encourage our guests to dress for the evening. The required dress code is causal/elegant attire. No athletic wear, sweatshirts, baseball caps, flip flops, shorts, etc.

The Future

The Bubble Lounge has aggressive plans to open more establishments in other key US cities and in Europe. In addition to lounges, The Bubble Lounge is involved in the publishing of highly educational books relating to Champagne and Sparkling Wines, restaurant & hotel staff training, is well as the development of a related E-Commerce.

Bubblelounge.com will become a reference Internet site for champagne and sparkling wine, offering multiple tasting notes and information.